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    Voicea is an AI-powered voice collaboration platform for making meetings more productive. It leverages voice technology and machine learning algorithms to allow transforming speech recorded during a phone call, video conference call, or in-person conversation into text. By providing the team with a voice-based AI assistant platform, Voicea helps enterprises increase their productivity. The platform automatically delivers all the key meeting takeaways and highlights for a team to act on. The Voicea app is available for download on iOS and Android devices and in the web version.



    The value of any conversation is in the takeaways that its participants make afterward. However, human factors sometimes stand in the way of the meeting’s success, and it becomes difficult to organize it in such a way that everybody on a team could easily and quickly follow up on what each participant had said. The challenge of achieving a sufficient level of meeting effectiveness can be addressed by utilizing the tools capable of tracking the important insights that a business conversation provides.

    Our client’s goal was to deliver a solution that would help users to understand the intent of a business discussion and eliminate deadweight in the conversation, providing more focused attention to the areas that needed to be reviewed and commented on. At the time when Vilmate got in touch with Wrappup – a Dubai-based AI startup that was later acquired by Voicea – they already had the project ongoing. Wrappup had a clear vision of how the product should look and work. And to achieve that, they were looking to extend the development team with the technology professionals holding the right set of qualifications. Luckily, Vilmate fit the bill.


    After Vilmate was selected as a solution partner, it was decided that we will be providing our services following a firm-fixed-price contract. Given the overall objective of the software development project, we opted for a fixed fee as it would require our services to be rendered in an efficient manner.

    In 2016, Vilmate’s front-end React developer became our first software engineer to join the project. In 2018 Voicea acquired Wrappup, and the project team of Vilmate-provided specialists continued to expand to finally include 2 Ruby software engineers, 3 front-end Vue.js developers, 2 HTML/CSS developers, 2 iOS developers, 1 Android developer, 1 data analyst, and 1 UX/UI designer – a total of 12 professionals. In 2019, Voicea became part of Cisco. In view of this, the whole Vilmate team that prior to the acquisition worked on the Voicea project became Cisco employees. It was a phenomenon that had no precedent in Ukraine. Vilmate took a responsible approach to recruiting talent, so all selected 12 tech professionals managed to pass all the rounds of interviews and continue Voicea AI product development, which became part of Cisco's Webex portfolio.

    Throughout our involvement with the client, the overall development of the services on our part was divided into two workloads: iOS and Android mobile app development and software engineering for machine learning. While doing their job, our specialists were managed by Voicea directly.

    Technology Solution


    The team augmentation that Vilmate provided allowed the client to supplement their existing in-house teams with skilled resources. Incrementally, the Vilmate development team has been growing, which enabled us to keep adding value to the client product. At the moment, Vilmate keeps in touch with the Voicea team. Our tech professionals continue providing their development services, including architecture design, quality control, maintenance, and technical support, to the client.

    Basem Nayfeh
    “They’ve had the necessary expertise to successfully implement our vision.”

    Internal stakeholders are pleased with Vilmate’s technical abilities, as well as their work ethics and professional attitude. They’ve had the necessary expertise to successfully implement our vision in terms of time, budget, and risk management. They were able to stay in sync with all the changes, could effectively integrate with our team, and were dedicated to carrying out their duties to the best of their ability.

    Basem Nayfeh, SVP of Engineering @ Voicea


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