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    MindConnect is a leading, innovation-driven Swedish provider of intelligent transport solutions that focuses on the development of fleet-monitoring and route-planning applications. The company’s products enable dynamic routing of truck fleets while allowing transport companies to significantly reduce fuel consumption and provide better customer service.


    Mindconnect AB is an award-winning, innovative Stockholm-based technology company, dedicated to the development of traffic, transport fleet, and event management solutions. In addition to enabling transport companies to manage their vehicle fleets a great deal more efficiently and cost-effectively, the company’s products also help alleviate several major present-day problems, such as for example, the problem of air pollution and traffic congestion in urban areas.

    The importance of Mindconnect’s mission and their contribution to the resolution of environmental and other urban problems have won them the support of the Swedish Energy Agency and them several prestigious domestic awards, including one from the Stockholm City Council.

    Vilmate’s first brush with Mindconnect, which has since developed into a thriving business and partner relationship, took place in late 2015. At first, our future partner entrusted us with developing a sports event management application. Impressed at the result we delivered, Mindconnect came to regard us as their principal development partner for their forthcoming projects.

    Since that time, we have implemented several more projects on behalf of Mindconnect, the number of Vilmate’s employees engaged in augmenting their in-house development team increasing by a factor of 4. We appreciate greatly the trust Mindconnect has in us and are always prepared to go the extra mile to make our relationship with them all the more rewarding for our partner.

    The following are the more significant projects we have implemented in cooperation with and on behalf of Mindconnect AB.

    Eventico - A Sports Event Management Application

    A mobile application, intended to plan and manage triathlons, marathons, and bicycle racing events.

    The app allows plotting a route for a sports event while indicating the positions of aid stations along this route, as well as determining the current position of the company staff posted along the route and issuing them with related instructions.

    Technologies: MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS)

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    CityFlow Commute - A Route Planner

    A route planner solution that consists of a mobile application and a Web portal.  The solution is intended for building the most optimal automobile route between two points using a diverse range of criteria. These criteria include the day of the week, time of day and hour, current roadworks and closures, ongoing or possible traffic jams and more.

    TechnologiesiOS, Android, AngularJS

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    A Vehicle Fleet Monitoring Solution

    A sophisticated solution that comprises a Web-based application and a mobile app and allows collecting and processing vehicle performance data using physical devices, aggregating this data across a company’s vehicle fleet and optimizing the performance of individual drivers and vehicles.

    The collected data can contain a host of metrics, including fuel consumption, speed, the amount of emitted exhaust and more. By determining the aggregate average for each of the above metrics, it is possible to identify those drivers, whose performance is not up to par and send them corresponding recommendations and instructions.

    Technologies:  Java EE, Angular, native Android, iOS.

    Jonas Bohman photo
    “Vilmate is definitely a partner you can bank on.”
    We’ve worked with Vilmate on more than one occasion and they’ve always lived up to all our expectations and delivered great software. The assistance they’ve given us has been central to the success of two of our projects. They have superb programmers and excellent commitment to what they do. Vilmate is definitely a partner you can bank on.
    Jonas Bohman, Founder & CEO @ Mindconnect AB


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