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    Automated Software Testing

    Although some requirements are better suited to be tested manually, manual software testing as such is not without risk of human error. This risk, however, can be mitigated, challenges can be coped with, and many other drawbacks can be avoided by opting for automated software testing services. We acknowledge the improvements that automation brings to the testing process and, having adopted this approach once, we constantly strive for the enhanced efficiency ever since.

    Automated software testing solutions grant numerous advantages to the Quality Assurance process organization. Thus we at Vilmate put our QA Engineers’ valuable technical skills to better use and help automate processes, where feasible and appropriate, for the benefit of our clients. As an independent software vendor, Vilmate has grown to become a trustworthy QA services provider. Our team is experienced in various types of automated testing of mobile and web applications for multiple industries. Not only have our specialists a particular set of skills that are relevant to the platforms involved and automated test tools used but also they are always familiar with the applications under test.

    Why automated testing?

    Vilmate believes that finding relevant sources and choosing a technique should be aimed at designing an effective app testing strategy. For this strategy to result in quality software, a multiplicity of testing services must be provided. Consequently, this approach to quality assurance enables our QA Engineers to do their best for our clients and, particularly, these are the reasons why we choose, under certain circumstances, to automate application testing:

      • Automation accelerates the speed of testing
      • The scalability of the frequently changing code is guaranteed
      • A greater breadth of test coverage
      • Automated testing contributes to the team’s productivity
      • Test cases are reusable so the client’s continuous delivery system can be automatically fine-tuned

    Our automated testing process:

        1. Test planning and preparation:

            • The decision to automate — we gather the requirements either from written testing specifications or based on the communication with a project team
            • Define the scope of automation testing
            • Test team management
            • Test design and development
            • Risk assessment
        2. Test execution and review:

            • Test execution status tracking
            • Test results evaluation — spot-checking of the test results correctness
            • Report preparation

    In other words, when intending to automate our testing services, we are conscious of the necessity to make a considerable investment in test planning and preparation before proceeding with building an infrastructure of automated test scripts and executing testing.

    We have an established procedure for the automated testing tools selection. These tools support the running and design of test scripts, provide for the maintenance of the related items, help collect and analyze defects. As a result, instead of having to program everything from scratch, our developers and testers use sets of pre-established tools that together form our technology stack:

    • E2E testing:

        • Selenium WebDriver in C# using Visual Studio
        • Selenium WebDriver in JavaScript using Protractor and WebdriverIO
        • Cypress
    • Test runners:

          • Jasmine
          • Mocha
    • Distributed test execution environment:

          • Selenoid
          • BrowserStack
    • API testing: SuperTest

    • Test reporting: Allure

    • Load testing: Locust

    • Automation testing of a layout: Galen

    • NUnit

    • Xamarin.UITest, Xamarin Test Cloud


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    We have accumulated a wealth of
    experience in implementing complex
    solutions for a range of verticals and business niches.

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    Currently, Vilmate is engaged in
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    for clients in the US and Western Europe.

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