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    Jobcast is an online platform that facilitates interactions between candidates and employers in the form of a podcast. It allows job seekers to apply for open positions and employers to post job ads by submitting audio recordings. Jobcast changes the way talents are recruited. The platform provides a new means for discovering, producing, and transmitting employment-related information across the marketplace. Using Jobcast applications for iOS or Android, recruiters and candidates can engage in professional voice interactions on the basis of mutual benefit.



    Writing an effective job ad is no easy task. Especially given that most of them turn out to be filled to the brim with clichés or buzzwords, so one’s vision is getting blurred, and people become less perceptive of what information is actually being conveyed. To cope with this problem, recruiters try to advertise jobs in more creative and innovative ways. Visual aids have been the weapon in the recruiter's arsenal for a while now. However, our client has offered a new tool to get messages across. Their novel product was intended to help companies and job seekers to do an effective job search in a less conventional way – in audio format.

    At the time when Jobcast started the search for the right people to put their idea into practice, they were aware of and interested in Vilmate. We entered into a business partnership with Jobcast in 2019, but our acquaintance with today’s one of the key people on the project, Nils Wijkmark, traces back to 2017. When the discussion of the Jobcast project scope and other related details began, our client had a functional website, a great product vision, and a design specification for a mobile application. That was the starting point for Vilmate-Jobcast cooperation.


    First, we prepared a proposal that offered an estimated cost and schedule based on the client’s business goals. Once we obtained the client’s approval and determined the scope of work, the next step was to define the basic rules for project implementation. Thus, the contractual terms of the agile fixed-price contract served as a guideline for the Jobcast project execution.

    In September 2019, the project team of 2 front-end developers and 2 back-end developers (1 full-time and 1 part-time) was formed. They have built Jobcast mobile applications for iOS and Android from scratch. Using React Native, the team has been able to create usable and functional mobile apps that are now available to users. They offer a full range of functionality, including:

      • An audio player powered by an autoplay feature and a common capability to play background audio

      • A payment system that enables employers to pay for the job ads they wish to add

      • Profile settings that can be adjusted to get the most accurate job posting search results

    These were the key features that we implemented in the Jobcast application, whose first version was available for download in both the Apple and Google app stores in December 2019.

    Technology Solution

    • Python - for the application backend

    • React Native - for mobile iOS and Android applications


    During our collaboration with the client, the Vilmate team participated in the key system components' design and development process. Under a fixed-price contract, we have developed and implemented a Jobcast mobile application whose features allow the end-users to inform others about employment opportunities, learn more about the job openings, submit audio recordings to the platform and receive feedback. Currently, the Jobcast mobile application is available for use in the Stockholm area.

    Nils Wijkmark
    “Their excellent technical skills and commitment to customer service made them a perfect fit for our company.”

    Transparent and proactive, Vilmate delivered outstanding software development services, which resulted in a successful product launch. Their excellent technical skills and commitment to customer service made them a perfect fit for our company.

    Nils Wijkmark, Board Member @ Jobcast


    React Native App Development
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