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    A Compliance Management Platform for Scandinavia’s Leading Compliance Provider

    GetCompliant is a Stockholm-based tech company, dedicated to the development of a progressive and comprehensive compliance and task management solution, focused on retailers, fast food chains, and other businesses. GetCompliant extends throughout the Nordic countries. The company’s customer base includes some of Europe’s largest retail chains. The client business units, currently served by their compliance platform, number in the thousands of locations.



    GetCompliant, a Stockholm-based tech firm and Vilmate’s oldest client we were familiar with yet prior to our company’s founding, required assistance in implementing their Compliance Management platform.

    When they approached Vilmate for help, their application was in the very early stages of development and very limited in its functionality. The startup was in search of a dependable nearshore development partner, capable of developing the bulk of their compliance software with an eye to expanding its functionality over the long haul.

    As a comprehensive, large-scale, cloud-based, mobile Compliance Management solution, the platform is geared toward a broad array of businesses in the Retail, Restaurant & Catering and Cruise industries. The platform allows both standalone businesses as well as corporate-owned and franchised chains to ensure compliance across the full spectrum of their business needs. The areas of compliance covered by the software include HES, Security (including Risk Assessment and Risk Analysis), Fire Safety, Environment, Workplace Safety, Service Level and Food Safety. With the application, our client’s customers are granted a proper fulfillment of a diverse multitude of related tasks in a timely manner.

    The company’s technical and business stakeholders can create ad hoc tasks and track their execution by using the application. All created tasks can be assigned a status and a performer. The performer can close the task after it has been completed by them. The user can create and add a custom task or attach a photo to an existing task.

    There is a total of around 30,000 tasks supported by the system, divided across some 30 stakeholder- and purpose-specific compliance forms. Some compliance forms allow users to rate tasks according to these tasks’ degree of complexity or urgency. The company can then use the obtained ratings for performance improvement and employee encouragement purposes.

    GetCompliant’s application automates the full range of compliance-related interactions a company may face when cooperating with their regulatory authorities and other external stakeholders. The system is equipped with advanced reporting functionality which enables this. In addition, it provides a set of detailed dashboards that make it possible to monitor and compare the values of various performance indicators across the company's different business units.

    GetCompliant entrusted Vilmate with redesigning some of the above-mentioned functionalities and developing the bulk of them from scratch.


    Vilmate started by assembling a project team initially consisting of 2 software engineers.  In the course of the project, it was augmented at GetCompliant’s request to include 2 web developers, 3 mobile developers, 1 QA engineer and 1 project manager. From the outset, the project was encumbered with several challenges. They included an API integration that was not suitable for mobile, a very bulky and convoluted legacy database and, finally, an antiquated Front-end technology stack that had a negative impact on the app performance.

    To keep abreast of the latest technology advances, our team has redesigned the client’s system almost in its entirety. It has also completely overhauled the system’s API over the several years we’ve been involved in the project.

    Some of the more important features we have added to the system include:

    • Task History Functionality
    • Task Creation functionality (which has automated the extremely time-consuming and effort-intensive process of adding tasks to the system database).
    • Secret Customer functionality, used for auditing purposes.
    • Interactive dashboards which display task-processing statistics and allow applying such filtering values as time, business unit, status, and other criteria.

    Besides, in order to provide support for the varying local and national regulations, Vilmate has customized the client’s application for the 4 different countries in which GetCompliant has a business presence.

    There are two versions of the application: web-based and mobile (iOS, Android), the latter having been developed entirely by Vilmate’s mobile development team. The project has been implemented by Vilmate for more than 5 years now. Currently, it is ongoing.

    Technology Solution

    The technology stack used by Vilmate to implement the project is comprised of:

    • .NET for backend

    • AngularJS with responsive HTML5/CSS3 markup for web client app

    • Native Android and iOS applications

    • Microsoft Azure

    • C#/.NET back-end development

    • AngularJS front-end development

    • Application deployment, stabilization, and ongoing maintenance



    Vilmate’s participation in the project has been pivotal to GetCompliant’s rise as Scandinavia's leading compliance provider. The client has received a product that has allowed them to both acquire several well-known domestic customers and expand their market internationally (Norway, Denmark, and Finland).

    Today, GetCompliant’s customer base includes such industry heavyweights as the Swedish cooperative retail chain Coop Sweden (running more than 650 stores in Sweden and owned by some 3.4 million of the cooperative’s members), Scandinavia’s largest coffeehouse chain EspressoHouse which has 255 locations throughout Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, and other reputable companies.

    The overall number of business units served by GetCompliant has grown significantly in 2017.

    Peder Lindencrona photo
    “I’m looking forward to keep on working with Vilmate”

    A great technical team and a great partner we’ve been lucky to come across.

    We have been working together for many years and I’m looking forward to keep on working with Vilmate...

    They are “our team” – not “Vilmate's team” and I like that a lot!

    Peder Lindencrona, CEO @ GetCompliant


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