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    &frankly is a company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Their cloud-based services are rendered to the public with a view to improving workplaces. &frankly provides both managers and employees with an innovative tool. It allows taking employees' pulse rate regularly to maintain good commitment and boost engagement. &frankly's ambition is to push for organizational positive changes and make a difference in people's everyday professional life while turning the sleepy survey industry on its head. They are well on their way with many global brands on their client list; Scandinavian Airline System, Boston Consulting Group, and Grant Thornton to mention a few.



    Vilmate was approached by &frankly, a Swedish technology startup to assist them in developing the iOS and Android versions of their web-based Employee Engagement Software.

    The client was looking for a reliable mobile development partner to help them implement and further expand over the long haul the mobile version of their application.


    To implement the project, we put together a team of 1 iOS developer and 1 Android developer. Later on, this team was augmented to include 1 QA engineer.

    Throughout the project, which is still ongoing currently, our team has been managed directly by the client’s CTO.

    The Vilmate developers started by re-engineering the existing functionality. Within one year’s time, we had developed the tablet version of the app. We have also made the following modifications and improvements to the functionality of the Android and iOS versions of the software:

    • Re-engineering of the questionnaire functionality, which has allowed to provide greater flexibility for the user.
    • Modifications to the authorization procedure.
    • Modifications that have allowed to ensure a more stable performance of the application.
    • Support for visually impaired users.

    Currently, the Vilmate team is working on a new version of the software with an updated UI/UX.

    Technology Solution


    Vilmate's involvement in the project has allowed resolving several issues that could have had a negative impact on the service and its customer experience. As well as improving the system’s performance, we have added several new features increasing the value of the service for both &frankly and its end-customers.

    Peder Nordvaller photo
    “Vilmate has been very important in development of our service…”

    Vilmate has been able to quickly put together a very competent team for our mobile development that has produced a robust and well-designed mobile product, instrumental for the success of our company.

    In addition to developing a stable application, Vilmate has been very flexible when we’ve needed additional bandwidth and been able to with quick notice bring onboard additional resources for troubleshooting, testing and meeting tight deadlines.

    We will continue working with Vilmate for our mobile development and can recommend them to others in our situation.

    Peder Nordvaller, Founder @ &frankly


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