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    Vilmate is a company that is in constant search of innovative solutions. We are building and transforming our tech stack incrementally to keep pace with changing global trends, which have recently directed our attention at how frontend development experience can be extended by using React.js. When it comes to the JavaScript landscape, the fact that the technology keeps evolving and the productivity of its constituents keeps improving should be taken as a given. Since programming with such a multi-faceted language as JavaScript is most in demand today, numerous JavaScript libraries and frameworks are continuously being designed to ease the process of software development. React.js is one of them.

    Thus in early 2017, the company’s technology stack was extended to comprise React.js, a library for building user interfaces as an alternative to AngularJS, one of the most popular front-end JavaScript frameworks.

    Being maintained by Facebook and a strong community of individual contributors, React.js is growing in popularity. React ecosystem is an innovative place and people behind it are always there to come up with novel solutions to the problems companies using React.js and single React.js software engineers are encountering. Contributions of the community are giving React its immense flexibility in shaping and adapting the software.

    Recognizing benefits that one can derive from setting up React.js development environment, we started adding React components to our projects.

    Some of the activities our React.js developers have been involved in include:

      • Creating a React.js (v15.x.x) frontend for Geras Solutionsa Stockholm-based company that provides solutions to a dementia risk assessment. An application is intended to run in the web browser to be used by the medical staff.

      • Building a React.js (v16.x.x) web application for Homer, a Swedish digital solution provider enabling users to store data on their homes and property in a simple and safe way.

    • Application deployment, stabilization, and ongoing maintenance

    • React.js v15.x.x and React.js v16.x.x development

    • Efficient UI development with component-based architecture and flexible APIs

    • Multi-tier web server architecture design, implementation, configuration and fine-tuning

    8+ Years
    of Experience

    We have accumulated a wealth of
    experience in implementing complex
    solutions for a range of verticals and business niches.

    Custom Web Application Development

    We have developed several dozen
    sophisticated and innovative Web
    applications using cutting-edge technologies and tools.

    Startup Software Development

    Vilmate has a stellar track record
    of helping startups in several business
    niches develop mission-critical solutions.


    Vilmate’s skills and experience as a React.js development company will allow you to cope with just about any software development challenge that involves using this Javascript library.

    • State management

    • UI/UX design solutions

    • eCommerce and Social Commerce

    • IT consulting for enterprise mobility solutions

    • Interactive media applications and entertainment portals

    • Interest-based communities and Social Networking applications



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    To get your project underway, simply contact us and
    an expert will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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